The Parametric Story

Parametric was founded in 2020 as a small consultancy firm with the aim of helping property developers and architects to better workflows in the early stages.


Parametric started in the summer of 2020 as Parametric Solutions following consultancy in the field of architecture by our founders Sofia and Erik. Having specialized in parametric tools such as Grasshopper to streamline various processes, they found a reoccurring need for streamlining the early stages urban planning. In this context, a vision was conceived that eventually turned out as Hektar.

Once founded, Parametric advanced rapidly – receiving funds from private investors as well as Vinnova, the Swedish Governmental Innovation Agency and growing the team from 2 to 9 since 2021, when the development of Hektar properly took off. We are humbled to have since featured in Forbes 30 under 30 – Manufacturing & Industry, making it to the finals of the UN Habitat – Climate Smart Cities Challenge, and being crowned Startup of the year in the Swedish Venture Cup just to mention a few.

Hektar was officially launched in the spring of 2024, with a significantly larger user-base than initially expected. As Hektar keeps getting refined in a close dialogue with architecture firms and developers, Parametric also launched Spaces as a second products in early summer 2024 – a library of architectural spaces with accompanying metadata for various simulations and machine-learning applications.

As for the team itself, almost all of us have a dual degree in Architecture and Structural Engineering or Data Science from Chalmers in Gothenburg. A pure coincidence, almost all of us also have previous experience from some of the foremost engineering companies in the world such as Buro Happold and Schlaich Bergermann Partner. The interdisciplinary, curious spirit that has been a common denominator to date, remains as our team keeps pushing on. Still based in Gothenburg, Sweden, we have branched out representation to Stockholm and even Lund.

We are small and agile, allowing us to explore opportunities wherever they arise. As coding architects we are generalists, interested in all aspects of human society. We view our width as a valuable reference base rather than lack of focus as we move forward, making our endeavours relevant in the broader term. More on our mission and values here.


Latest from us at Parametric

June 9, 2024

GPT 4o in Architecture and Urban Planning: Can AI be an architect?

OpenAI’s latest release, GPT-4O, has sparked a flurry of discussions across social media about its potential to revolutionize the field of architecture. Enthusiasts and professionals alike are intrigued by the question: Can GPT-4O be an architect? What is needed for it to become one? And how will this development affect the role of the architect and traditional processes in our industry? This article delves into GPT-4O’s impressive capabilities, the enhanced GPT experience tailored for personal assistance, and its transformative potential within architecture and urban planning.

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