Volume studies like never before

Context is key

A site does not live in isolation. Its context may be the single most important aspect influencing the design of new or additional urban fabric.

Numerical inputs

We developed a toolset to provide geometrical and geographical awareness to the generative algorithm, pinpointing crucial aspects of planning. Points of access to the site, non-buildable zones and user-defined streets just to mention a few.

Site tools

A set of numerical inputs provides further control and resolution to your project. What is the depth of a building? How much greenery? How much parking? Go ahead and tweak the inputs to see how it affects the scenarios, or let the AI decide what it thinks will work best, and just explore the results!

Powerful generative algorithms

The core of Hektar is using evolutionary algorithms and artificial generative intelligence to create feasible concepts and well-grounded estimates. It methodologically treats your inputs from a rough framework to more nuanced detailing, saving all metadata for you to evaluate as it progresses to a design proposal.  

Your own autopilot

Consider it an autopilot of sorts, here to seamlessly complement you. It will keep the plane flying smoothly and safely through the monotonous bits and complex turbulences for the pilot to be refreshed and alert during start and landing. Similarly, Hektar is nothing but augmented architecture. For you, this means less time wasted guessing and more qualitative time designing.

Unveil the unexpected

Hektar has been developed to cover a wide range of proposals within the constraints. In part, this ensures that we include scenarios one might have missed, merely due to limitations as to how many options we as humans could possibly conceive.

Additionally, Hektar will process complex information such as light and sun from the very start of the geometry pipeline, producing proposals that far exceed human capabilities. Combined with a feature to filter out case studies according to various parameters you will easily find the most interesting to you.

Share your creations

Tired of sending 2D drawing and .pdfs to your clients and coworkers to share your work? Yeah, we were too. As part of streamlining city planning, Hektar comes with sharing features straight out of the box.

Invite viewers to your project and give your clients access for an interactive experience. Create a compare view of your most promising designs and share a link to your team for feedback. Let us help you get on the fast track!

Search sites anywhere

Through Mapbox and Open Street Map Hektar has world-wide access to map data.

Visualize urban layers

See components of the urban fabric more clearly with detailed layers of information.

Key parameters

Metadata has been preserved throughout the geometry pipeline.


See your scenarios from different points of view.


Download your proposals as .obj, .3dm, and .csv.

Tailored to any planning project

Simply specify what typologies exist in your project and to what extent. Then specify the characteristic of each typology. Whether a dense urban master plan or a suburban single-family housing project, Hektar has got you covered!

More on typologies

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