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Generative design at your disposal.

More time to design

We developed Hektar to supercharge you, the architect. Basically, it is an augmented drafting tool for early-stage city planning, streamlining the design process by handling complexity and automizing monotonous, time-consuming tasks, leaving you more time to  design.

For architects,
by architects

Hektar was developed to make generative design intuitive and efficient to use. With an interactive and self-explanatory toolset you set up a project simply by drawing on a map. Alternatively, you upload documents such as .dxf or a shape or image file and Hektar will continue the work you already started.

Never having to geo-reference your projects ever again, you can go back to iteratively refine or adapt your designs to always changing requirements – simply by altering the inputs.

Giving you the information advantage

You focus on the building design and Hektar keeps track of the data. For each planning scenario, key numbers get calculated in real-time, letting you evaluate the feasibility as you go along - an information advantage when arguing for a proposal.

Share your findings

The in-browser sharing features allow you to efficiently convey this data to clients and your team without updating a single Excel sheet.

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Latest from us at Parametric

July 12, 2024

Driving Deeptech Innovation Forward, with Secured Funding from Vinnova

We are excited to announce Vinnova's funding for Phase 2 of our Deeptech Acceleration project, Hektar AI. This phase focuses on developing synthetic datasets to address fragmented data in the AEC industry, enabling advanced AI training. Our collaboration with engineering firms will enhance urban planning and property development. We thank Vinnova for their support in driving sustainable urban innovation.