Architects, Engineers & Computer Scientists

Most with a degree in multiple of the fields, we think of buildings a little differently. With our unique profile we are experts at understanding the underlying principles of architecture and translating it into code.

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Alexander Radne

Tech Lead & Data Scientist

Alex is a full-stack developer especially passionate about problem solving and agile development. With a M.Sc. in Complex Adaptive Systems, he is currently on a mission to make our frontend and algorithm faster, safer, and better than ever before.

Erik Forsberg

CTO & Data Scientist

Erik is our CTO and a founding half of Parametric. With a M.Sc. in Complex Adaptive Systems and a B.Sc. in Architecture and Structural Engineering, he is an expert at combining design logic with AI and machine learning.

Erik Sandin

Business Developer

Erik is responsible for onboarding, and has a background in B2B SaaS and business development. He is developing our internal sales and marketing strategies as well as compiling customer feedback to guide us forward.

Henrik Frank

Chief Software Architect

Frank is a tech enthusiast with a background in app development. He has a special love for backend and game development in Unity. At Parametric he is our trusted full-stack developer and AR/VR specialist.

Jonathan Thunberg

Fullstack Developer

Jonathan is a full-stack developer with many aces up his sleeves. He uses at least 4 screens while working, which says it all really. He takes care of our pipelines to make all new features reach the users as fast as possible.

Martin Skarby

Architect & Computational Designer

Martin is a Grasshopper expert with a M.Sc. in Architecture and Urban Design. He is the lead developer for our algorithms for synthetic training data generation, used for machine learning and various simulations.

Simon Brobäck

Head of Design & Architect

Simon is a true architectural visionary and head of design. With a M.Sc. in Architecture and Urban Design, he is packaging data driven design to maximize both architectural quality and its usability for customers.

Sofia Malmsten

CEO & Architect

Sofia is our brilliant CEO, constituting the other half of the founding duo. With a M.Sc. in Architecture and Urban Design she specializes in combining architecture and algorithms to investigate a wide scope of design.

William Lennartsson

Fullstack Developer

William is a frontend-heavy developer with experience from a multitude of projects with varying frameworks. With a background as a lecturer and an entrepreneur himself, his generous sharing of knowledge is an asset to us all.

Latest from us at Parametric

June 9, 2024

GPT 4o in Architecture and Urban Planning: Can AI be an architect?

OpenAI’s latest release, GPT-4O, has sparked a flurry of discussions across social media about its potential to revolutionize the field of architecture. Enthusiasts and professionals alike are intrigued by the question: Can GPT-4O be an architect? What is needed for it to become one? And how will this development affect the role of the architect and traditional processes in our industry? This article delves into GPT-4O’s impressive capabilities, the enhanced GPT experience tailored for personal assistance, and its transformative potential within architecture and urban planning.

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