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Erik Björnhage, Natasa Stankovic, Saga Engberg & Anita Hansson

ETTELVA Arkitekter

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January 2024

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About the company

A deeptech innovation project

Uppskalning AI is a project initiated by Parametric , financed in part by the Swedish innovation authority Vinnova, with the end goal of upscaling the use of AI and machine learning in the Swedish public sector. Partitioned into sub-targets, the first part of the initiative is denoted as Generative AI for more efficient design and planning processes.

The aim of this is to, primarily, provide municipalities with tools and processes for early-stage planning and design – utilizing artificial intelligence for easier and more efficient work through the Hektar interface. Secondly, to simplify the communication between project stakeholders. To achieve this, however, better insight into the collaborative process was needed.

Erik Björnhage, responsible at ETTELVA Arkitekter

Collaboration with ETTELVA Arkitekter

To help Parametric on the journey a partnership was established with ETTELVA Arkitekter, a Swedish architecture office with more than 40 years of experience in residential development. An ongoing endeavour, the role of ETTELVA is to support the development of Hektar by testing new and experimental features as well as giving feedback on what to prioritize and how to structure the tool.

With their extensive knowledge and experience from challenging projects of varying nature, they have a clear picture of what functionality would be optimal for a design exploration and evaluation tool. What would be the tool of dreams? What blanks might be missing for Hektar to achieve its fullest potential? Is anything redundant?

One wish from ETTELVA an itriacte way of the buildings to adapt to the position of the sun throughout the year

As a means of exchanging ideas, the workshop format has been prominent throughout the first phase of the project. Entering the second phase, called the ’implementation phase,’ the workshop format is still here, now paired with case studies undertaken by ETTELVA using Hektar.

To reiterate the goals:

  1. Aid communication between the private and public sectors of the building industry.
  2. Help municipalities benefit from the rapid advances in AI.
  3. Involving the stakeholders in shaping their future tools.

The expertise of ETTELVA has been invaluable on this journey, that is still very much in progress. Thank you for sharing your enormous skill! Indeed, we are super happy about Hektar gradually being incorporated in ETTELVA’s workflows as the product matures.

Saga, Natasa and Anita, part of the reference group att ETTELVA Arkitekter.

A reference group of architects and municipalities

Apart from ETTELVA, other architecture offices have joined in the reference group, for example Bonava and Semrén+Månsson, as well as parties representing the public sector, such as Eslöv municipality. You can read more about the project as a whole here. The project is still ongoing – should you like to hear more about it or discuss a partnership, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Latest from us at Parametric

February 19, 2024

Parametric at Tech Arena 2024

After months of dedicated work to enhance our generative design product, we are excited to unveil this year's updates in a new shape, and under a new name - Hektar. What better platform to debut Hektar than at this year's prestigious Tech Event Tech Arena?

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