Decoding the
urban fabric

Universal principles

As architects ourselves, we’ve put lots of effort into decoding what constitutes successful planning – ultimately what principles make for pleasant and liveable cities. Occationally a degree of randomization is needed to achieve the variation and character of a place we would refer to as home.

However, there is so much more to Hektar. Having been developed to assist with practicalities based on your requirements, it will ensure feasibility from scratch, in the artistically most meaningful way.

Multi-Family Housing

For multi-family housing, the very core of urban residential development, Hektar departs from an orthogonal grid, with either open or closed blocks, lamellas or point houses filling each or most of the parcels according to your specifications.

Based on our vast dataset of real-world projects, Hektar finds suitable apartment units that get combined to a definitive volume for each individual building of every parcel. This inside-out-approach ensures architectural quality and feasibility on all scales – from the unit to the building to the urban fabric.

Single-Family Housing

Constituted by various proportions of free-standing houses, pair houses or row houses, the urban fabric that is single-family houses is all about making the most of the available land. Hektar is specialised on finding the best balance and scale for common areas, street network, houses, and gardens to create liveable neighbourhoods.

It is a powerful tool for a designer to generate unprecedented amounts of scenarios to brainstorm and compare architectural parameters.

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