Relevant data, as early as possible

Evaluate the economic feasibility of any project at the click of a button.

Bold in your vision -
rational in your decision

Risk assessment requires getting the right information at the right time. Hektar was developed as a transparent and comprehensive tool for well-informed decision-making.

Find value anywhere

We at Parametric think resources should be allocated where they create the most value for the most people, be it monetary investments, time, or brain power. Therefore, Hektar has been designed to counteract wastefulness.

In minutes, not weeks

Generating a planning draft in minutes rather than weeks, with key parameters available in real-time radically enhances our understanding of a site with little effort – allowing us to evaluate more possible sites more qualitatively before investing more resources.

A shortcut to the green light

At some point, an idea transitions to an actual project. For that to happen, its promise needs verification and explanation.

Ranging from numerical data that make up graphs and diagrams to depictions of the buildings the city planning itself, data and presentation material is already taken care of by Hektar – easily sharable with anyone, even accessing interactive 3d-models straight in the browser window. Meanwhile, you can focus on getting the project off the ground.

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