February 19, 2024

Parametric's new visual identity is here!

Martin Skarby

Architect & Computational Designer

Unveiling our new branding concept!

We have grown out of our old clothes! For quite some time now, we have been working with generative design in one form or another and grown as a team, refined our proposition and evolved as a company in the process. To mark this progress, we thought a new branding concept was only prudent. Today, we are super thrilled at unveiling the results!

With a logo as parametric as our undertakings and a kaleidoscopic color scale that inspires us in the work we do, we at Parametric think the new graphical profile perfectly reflects the creative spirit that continues to define us.

Our four main colors, Parametric Green in combination with light and dark grey.

Our new accent colors which are used through out our website and products.

Visible throughout our offerings

There is more to come! We constantly strive for our offerings being magically intuitive and the new graphic profile is part of this work. Behind the scenes, we have massively improved our beta platform and will soon launch the official product – with an entirely redesigned and more logical user interface.