February 19, 2024

Proudly announcing our first product: Hektar

Erik Forsberg

CTO & Data Scientist

Ready, set, Hektar!

After more than 3 years in active development and one year in beta, we’re now excited to release our first version of Hektar! The idea behind Hektar first took shape all the way back in 2019 when we wrote our first lines of code with the goal of helping property developers and architects to find good solutions for complex problems. A lot has happened since then, but the at the core our goal is still the same – creating better tools to create better cities.

Generative design for everyone

Generative design is a powerful tool to explore and evaluate different alternatives for a design. However, the problem has for a long time been that the tools require deep knowledge and complex workflows. This is a problem because it limits the number of potential users, and by extension the number of perspectives, on what can and will be built.

With Hektar, we want to embrace and celebrate simplicity! No installation, no hassle, just a fun and easy environment to create and share design concepts. We’re convinced that Hektar is the future of urban design because it provides a way of utilizing technology to make design more democratic and inclusive.

10 000 m2, 10 000 possibilities

Hektar is the Swedish word for a land areal of 10 000 sqm, and the name springs from all the possibilities and challenges each project comes with. Hektar does not solve all these challenges, but it provides a great starting point to tackle them. Since the early design stages has such an immense effect on the outcome of the project, that’s where we should start looking if we really want to make a difference, and that’s what Hektar does best!

So, what’s ahead?

With our initial release of Hektar we’ve done a complete rework of the user interface and added a lot of new features. But this is just the beginning, we’re already working on our next release with new and updated features. Hekar will continue to improve and more features will be added, but our promise is that we’ll always stay true to our core and Hektar will always be fun and easy to use!