Using the statistics panel

This feature can only be accessed by Hektar Pro users.

When looking at a Hektar scenario you have the statistics panel to the right hand side on the screen. This panel show the statistics of the individual scenario. The exact calculation of every single value can be seen in the corresponding tooltip. There are different sections of the statistics which is explained in general:


The spaces section shows the distribution between different units in your scenario. Depending on the choosen study, these can for example be apartment or rowhouse types. The different units are separated based on size, like 1, 2 or 3 room apartments.


Here the most common area calculations are shown, like GFA or NIA. Note that Hektar also displays areas which are connected to the 3D-geometry such as Facade and Roof Area.


Here the most common ratios are shown, like FAR.

Pro tip: In the profile settings you can choose different naming conventios of your output parameters depending on country.