Getting started with Hektar

Before you can start to make your first project, you have to create a Hektar account. You do this by following the setup guide or follow the steps in the link:

Creating your first project

  1. Be sure to be logged in with your Hektar account on the Hektar platform in your browser at
  2. Press the button New Project marked in green in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Once on the New Project Page you can use the Search Bar in the typ left corner of the map to find your location. Note that coordinates can also be use.
  4. On the map more import functions can be found, which is used as an reference overlay on the map for you as a guide:
    • SHP - Import shape files as a .zip folder
    • DXF - Import .dwg/.dxf files
    • IMG - Import images of formats .jpeg/.png
  5. The three following steps have to be completed in order to make a Hektar project:
    1. Name your project
    2. Draw the site boundary with the boundary tool. The allowed size of the site depends on which study you choose in Step 3.
    3. Choose the study you want to perform on the site.
  6. Click on Save Project. Note that the site boundary or study can't be changed afterwards.

Creating your first scenario

  1. Once the project is set up you will be redirected to the Project Dashboard. Here you have the possibility to set your inputs making your first scenarios or building proposals on the site.
  2. On the left hand site you find the input panel which all inputs related to the choosen study is shown. Note that the inputs differ between different studies. Note that:
    • In the top of the panel, the typologies are shown, if none of these are selected, Hektar will automatically choose and combine them.
    • Some sliders are spans while other ones are a single number.
    • The inputs named Target ... is guides for Hektar but might not be given as exact output.
  3. When you are happy with your configuration, you press Generate Scenarios in the bottom of the panel. Note that you can choose between the amount of scenarios created. Hektar Free has a limit to how many scenarios you can create.

Pro tip: Through the icon next to the Generate Scenarios button, you can find your last inputs and reuse them