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The clue is in our name. Almost anything you could think of, we can solve parametrically.

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Embark on new parametric endeavours

We believe that a large portion of early-stage planning processes could benefit from Hektar – after all it was developed in response to frequent requests from various clients. However, there are design challenges of an entirely different nature.

Be it custom services to complement Hektar, for example including more precise building representations or incorporating project-specific apartment units, various analysis, generating datasets or developing a geometrically complex roof from scratch, we are there for you!

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With passion for the built environment

With a team of architects and computer scientists, most of us with a degree in both fields, we see immense opportunity in synthesising the two. With our unique profile we are experts at understanding the underlying principles of architecture and translating it into code.

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We are tech savvy and proud about it! We love finding solutions to all kinds of challenges and are especially good at finding software solutions to complex architectural problems. Should you like to know more about our programming competences, do a project together or if you see other potential for collaboration, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We are architects, engineers, and data scientists that all share a passion for the built environment.

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